Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Just your average nice white guys...

I have no desire to use this blog like a public diary, or, more appropriately for this moment, like a world wide text service -- but I feel moved to point out in this internet cafe moment that misogyny is amazingly pervasive and apparently normalized.  "Ok," you are saying,  "Cut the jargon, bannanz, what the hell are you talking about?"  I'm talking about the incredibly homosocial tendency of misogynists -- by which I mean to say men -- to just sit around and bullshit about how much they dislike their girlfriends, how much living in a house of women "sucks," how hott some passerby is.  Why do they think this world is made for them, I wonder?  Oh, right, because it is.  That's how.  So while I sit here, silent, typing away on my computer a paper about the ways that the hetero white supremacist patriarchal art/world has typically "primitivized" people of color and women and queers to the extent that we actually do no exist, these students of hetero white supremacist patriarchy can take up all of this sound space shooting their mouths off.  I am silent, they are not.  I am quietly transferring thought into a computer and onto a page, while they project it into the world, loudly, for immediate consumption and internalization.  And of course they have succeeded!  Here I am internalizing it all!  Arrgh!

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