Saturday, January 10, 2009

the next big thing.

Biking home late at night, I pass by the usual drunk hipsters that rove the Mission District beginning at about 9:30pm.  But tonight held a special surprise: two grown-ass drunk-as-hell ex-frat boys up in each others faces, arms raised and fists clenched with voices at fever pitch.  They were about to duke it out!  And then it occurred to me.  I'm through with girls not loving girls; I'm so over black on black crime.  It's time for the next big thing - white boys gettin' it on.  I wanna see those white boys beat the shit out of each other...!  It's about time, and someone's got to do it.  Who knows a white boy's soft spots better than his own brethren?  So, to those two guys in pea coats with slicked crew cuts on the corner of 20th and Valencia: thank you for setting a new standard.  I hope that you just may be on to something. 

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