Monday, January 12, 2009

"They Just Shot Him."

I haven't posted anything about Oscar Grant. Please go to to M.Dot's blog to understand what is happening in Oakland, CA right now, and take a second to think about this country's reliance on unaccountable murderers - named "law enforcers" - at home and abroad.  Also know that this is the eighteen year anniversary of Rodney King, the ten year anniversary of Amadou Diallo, we're coming up on three years since Sean Bell - all people who high schoolers in Philadelphia and probably Oakland, too, have never heard of.  But when they find out - when English teachers show them a video on Youtube and they see that what happens across the country is the same thing that happens in their neighborhood - they can't help but be angry.

Here in the Bay, people are angry.  Like M.Dot says: "In some ways, rage is violence."

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